Sllrrrp at your own risk

Mamee Double-Decker has deployed the Naga DDB-created “Mamee Rescue Squad” to promote three new spicy variants of Mamee instant noodles.

Members of the squad, dressed like firemen, watch over people when they enjoy their Mamee SLLRRRP and provide quirky relief to those unaware that the noodles give “more kick, more satisfaction”.

Along with the squad, Mamee also launched ads with the punch line “SLLRRRP at your own risk!” on TV, radio, outdoor billboards, at supermarkets and retail outlets, as well as on ground and online.

The campaign that targets the youth was launched in June this year and the market response to it has been very positive, Mamee claims.

“Apart from the youth’s liking for spicy food, this group likes to be entertained. So we chose to engage them using a tone and manner that appeals to them. We used the sort of zany humour that youngsters shared with each other on YouTube and social networking channels like Facebook,” Chit Quah, MD of Naga DDB, said.

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