Discover how SK-II delivers the brand philosophy #CHANGEDESTINY the film series VS​

The recently launched SK-II STUDIO demonstrates the brand's mission to inspire every woman that they have the power to #CHANGEDESTINY, and lately it has rolled out the VS Series, a collection of six films with merging animation and live action based on the real-life experiences of six Olympic athletes.

Featuring in the series are gymnast Simone Biles, swimmer Liu Xiang, table tennis player Ishikawa Kasumi, badminton duo Ayaka Takahashi and Misaki Matsutomo, surfer Mahina Maeda, and Japan's women's national volleyball team, nicknamed Hinotori Nippon. The series spans a broad range of genres including science fiction, fantasy, action and sports. Each episode is independent and has its own style, featuring works from award winning animation studios including Imaginary Forces, Passion Pictures, Platige Image and C3, as well as original music from John Legend and Lexie Liu.

Olympic athletes challenge women’s issues in a groundbreaking series
Each film within the series explores different aspects of societal issues and anxieties that women are experiencing, namely trolls, pressure, image obsession, rules, limitations, and machine-like mindsets. Moreover, the athletes explore what it means to take destiny into their own hands, overcoming societal pressures and anxieties which dictate how they should look, act and feel to be perfect. In the videos, what has been brought to life is a strange beast or “kaiju” in Japanese, with each of them shedding light on the inner demon that each athlete must defeat to reach their destinies - the compelling anthology aims to inspire every woman to chart her own destiny and stand up to pressures and expectations that are pushed on them every day.

For example, the episode featuring Hinotori Nippon explores how are they overshadowed by ‘the ideal’ and their limitations imposed on losing advantage as a Japanese Volleyball player which has prevented them from getting success. In a fantasy steampunk world, a group of young women are overshadowed by the ideal and must embark on a quest to realise their own potential. Meeting countless challenges, they realise that no one can make them feel inferior.

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*Hinotori Nippon Photo: Shot in 2019. Featured athletes are members of Japan Women's Volleyball National Team of 2019.
Approval number: JVA2020-02-001

Destiny isn’t a matter of chance, it’s a matter of choice
“#CHANGEDESTINY is at the heart of our brand purpose at SK-II. For years, we have celebrated how destiny is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice through the stories of courageous women around the world. This year, we want to further and strengthen our commitment towards our brand purpose,” commented Sandeep Seth, Chief Executive Officer, Global SK-II.

The VS series was released worldwide on 1 May 2021 with a global premiere in Hainan, China, together with the debut of an immersive social retail pop-up store in Sanya’s Haitang Bay Duty Free Shopping Centre Haikou in partnership with China Duty Free Group.

Continuously empowering others
SK-II continued mission to empower others, they have set up a #CHANGEDESTINY fund, contributing US$1 for every view garnered on each SK-II STUDIO film to support women who are pursuing their destinies. It hopes to create positive changes as part of its brand purpose this year. The total contribution to the #CHANGEDESTINY fund will be capped at US$500,000.

"With the release of the SK-II Studio films, we are celebrating a moment in SK-II’s #CHANGEDESTINY history. We hope these films can give women worldwide the courage to take destiny in their own hands and be a starting point for us — brands and businesses — to come together and act as a force for good and growth to create positive and meaningful change," Seth added.

Each of these athletes shares SK-II’s core value and the personal journey they have undergone in changing their destiny, often while under intense scrutiny, pressure, and judgment. To find out more about the "VS" Series and the fighters, please visit


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