Singtel brings back influencer content marketing series ‘Ready Set Roam’

Singtel has unveiled the refreshed season of its Ready Set Roam influencer web series, featuring local song-writer Aiken Chia, Sylvia Chan of Night Owl Cinematics, local actress Rosalind Pho and influencer Jemma Wei. The first season of Ready Set Roam was launched in 2017, and viewers were taken around the world by hosts Jade Seah and Jaime Teo.

The newly launched season of Ready Set Roam sees four individuals teamed up in pairs. Chia and Chan will be paired together while Pho and Wei will be teamed up. The influencers will be given tasks to complete in three hours and to take pictures for proof upon completion. The winner of the challenge will be judged by votes from fans on Instagram. The first episode begins with Chia, Chan, Pho and Wei in Bali, kicking it off with the “It’s Makan” challenge.

In a statement to Marketing, a Singtel spokesperson said the Ready, Set, Roam campaign is designed for customers to know how “easy” it is to stay connected with the telco’s ReadyRoam plans that covers 56 countries across the globe. Focusing on regional destinations this season, Singtel doubled the number of travel hosts from two to four, and added a competitive element to the show.

“We like the four hosts, Chan, Chia, Wei and Pho, for their engaging style and ability to connect with people who love to travel. We know how important mobile data is for our customers whether they’re at home or abroad. With Singaporeans being the avid travellers that they are, what we offer is a range of roaming plans catering to different needs,” the spokesperson added.

Social media agency Goodstuph assisted Singtel with the conceptualisation and production of the series. The series, which consists of three episodes, will run on IGTV, YouTube, Facebook and Singtel TV. Launched last Wednesday, the spot has already garnered 161,000 views. Watch it here:

Through this web series, the influencers also promote the use of Singtel’s “ReadyRoam” plan for data while traveling. In between the shots, the influencers are seen speaking highly of the convenience and efficiency of the “ReadyRoam” plan. Marketing has reached out to Singtel for comment.

Earlier this month, Singtel tapped on “Ah Boys to Men” actor and local rapper, Tosh Zhang to drop a report card about GOMO in the form of a rap video. GOMO, Singtel’s new digital-only product, faced teething issues weeks after its launch in late April.

Now with the rap, Singtel addresses that it has been a month since GOMO’s launch and that the telco can “do better” and that it will. In the video, Tosh is seen rapping: “You had to wait, we won’t downplay, some of your SIM cards came late. We understand the inconvenience that you had to face.”

While the telco addressed issues at hand, the rap also included a subtle dig at competitor Circles.Life, which wrote an “open letter” and launched a microsite targetting Singtel’s GOMO. Tosh is heard rapping: “Some other telco dissed us for relevancy. We think that they should go and get a L-I-F-E.”

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