Shopper360 sheds light on shopper marketing scene in Malaysia [GALLERY]

Earlier this year, Pos Ad Group rebranded as it grew in size, number of clients and its capabilities. The group is now rebranded to Shopper360.

According to the company, Shopper360, with its new proposition of “Selling Smarter” is accelerating ahead by engaging shoppers throughout their journey, not only at the point of purchase. To mark its 30th year celebration, Pos Ad Media also organised an exhibition along with talks on shopper marketing.

The event ran on 13 October from 10 am to 4pm and brought to the forefront various themes on shopper marketing, leadership in the sector, the latest retail trends and shopper behaviour. The event was well attended by friends, clients and partners in the industry and saw over 300 attendants for the morning session. The evening session saw over 600 in attendance. The event agency working behind the exhibition and talk was Lighthouse Events.

Sophie Cox, managing director of Firestar Research who was speaking during the event said that today’s Millennial shoppers were much more willing to open up their wallets for convenience sake. Unlike the generations before, they were no longer always chasing for the lowerst bargains. As such, shopping missions too are changing with Millennial now being more willing to visits to convenient locations for their needs.

She added in Malaysia, shopping is still regarded as a leisurely fun family activity and digital is not yet a threat to online shopping seeing there is still minimal trust for the online world in Malaysia.

Tim Asquith, director of consulting at Engage Consultant said that specialist retailers are tempting shoppers with curated products, thereby reducing basket size and purchase frequency. Majority of retailers are driving price and big retailers are being squeezed between rising costs and lower margins. As such, targeting is key to creating meaningful connections through relevance and understanding.

He added that  shopper marketing needs to be driven:

  • Decisions fueled by integrated insight
  • Prioritising specific environments
  • Influence consumer and shopper behaviour
  • Satisfying consumers and shoppers
  • Targeting specific shopper segments

Check out the event below:

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