Sharp Daily puts brands into question

Hong Kong – Next Media’s Sharp Daily is putting brands under the spotlight with a new platform that invites the public to voice their opinion.

The new multimedia platform, called “Sharp Ideas Exchange“, allows the public to post questions in text, pictures or videos to specific brands. Selected questions will then be answered by a spokesperson of the brand and will be published in Sharp Daily.

The free daily is putting its own brand as the first on the platform, giving the public three weeks to submit questions about Sharp Daily in a bid to foster corporate transparency and collect consumer feedback to improve product quality.

The objective of launching the platform, said Next Media’s corporate creative officer Elaine Chow, is to develop a direct, independent and interactive channel for consumers and brands to talk to each other.

“We’re always talking about building consumer confidence,” she said. “And a key way to do that is communicate and let consumers know more about your brand.”

By leveraging the platform, Chow said brands can access Sharp Daily‘s creative team and multi-media channels including animation, social media and print to make their answers more interesting.

She added that the platform is only a part of Sharp Daily‘s plans to support branding communications, which will soon include event planning, online sampling and more mobile efforts.

Consumers can now submit questions for Sharp Daily via the platform, email, fax, Facebook, whatsapp and Instagram.

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