SGAG rebrands YouTube channel to Nubbad TV

Local content creater SGAG has rebranded its YouTube channel, to focus on long-form video content. Formerly known as OfficialSGAGTV, the newly branded channel, Nubbad TV (Nubbad) aims to push out new and original series that “veer away” from the current Singaporean video trends found on YouTube.

In addition, this rebrand also looks to allow the channel to encompass not just comedy, but all genres of entertainment. Nubbad aims to show that Singaporean entertainment can be – “not bad”, as its channel name. This rebranding follows a growing trend towards long-form on YouTube, where content is king and audience behaviour favours videos over 20 minutes long. This is different on other social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, where attention spans are short and quick bite-sized content is more suitable for scrolling.

The launch of Nubbad is part of SGAG’s parent company, HEPMIL effort in 2019 to extend its content arms. Other plans lined up include a new live game show app, PANIK, regional editions of The Singaporean Dream card game, and physical events.

Nubbad’s first long-form comedy series, Neighbourhood Watch Task Force (NWTF), kicks off the channel’s launch with a strong ensemble. Directed by Chai Hong, the series centers around a bunch of do-gooder neighbourhood residents who band together to defend their estate from “petty crime and petty people”. According to SGAG, the first episode launched on 30 April 2019 racking up 10,000 views in two days. The show is also supported by the Singapore Police Force (SPF), with a spin-off series slated to launch on 19 May. Centred around a character from the main series, SPF commissioned eight features aimed at educating the audience about crimes such as online purchase scams and shop theft.

Chai Hong said the team took a hard look at its YouTube strategy and saw an opportunity to reposition its platform and showcase Singaporean stories. “That is the core of Nubbad TV – to reimagine digital entertainment for Singaporeans,” he added.

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