Scoot continues jabs at Spirit, naming plane after American “doppelganger”

Scoot has officially named its new Boeing 787 Dreamliner after Spirit. The airline is now called ‚ÄėInspiring Spirit‚Äô. This comes after Scoot found out the similarities American airline Spirit‚Äôs logo and marketing collaterals had with its own.

According to a press release, Spirit CEO, Ben Baldanza, was invited to attend a naming ceremony for ‚ÄėInspiring Spirit‚Äô, but he did not reply or attend. Scoot CEO, Campbell Wilson, said he was disappointed not to meet Baldanza and he had been keen to take him to lunch to explain Scoot‚Äôs recent ribbing was all in the name of fun.

Referring to Spirit’s only on-record comment, which said that the two airlines were doppelgangers who shared a similar approach to saving customers money, Wilson said: “There certainly are similarities in our low fares, and obviously in branding and marketing since Spirit was, well, inspired to change theirs, but I think that might be where the similarities end.

‚ÄúScoot was voted 2015‚Äôs Best Low Cost Airline Asia/Pacific earlier in the year. Spirit‚Ķ well, let‚Äôs just say that in a recent public poll about airlines in the US, they stood out in a very different way,‚ÄĚ Wilson said in the press statement.

When Scoot first found out about Spirit’s marketing tactics, the airline posted a video on its Facebook page highlighting the similarities between the two and and how the latter has been copying its branding. The video was narrated by Wilson himself.

Soon after, Marketing also got a parcel from Wilson and his team with a letter written to Spirit Airline‚Äôs CEO. Along with the letter to Baldanza, there was a ‚Äúkit‚ÄĚ for Spirit to follow when copying Scoot.

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