Rolls-Royce MC Hong Kong embraces romance with its ArtSpace Valentine's Day display

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Hong Kong (RRMCHK) hasn’t let the city’s battle with the COVID-19 coronavirus strain dampen its romantic spirits, as it launched a new look at its House of Art showroom to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Last Friday on 14 February, RRMCHK unveiled the Valentine’s ArtSpace. To mark the annual celebration of love, the Wanchai location has been decorated with mood lighting effects and floral decorations to create a suitably Valentine’s atmosphere. And centre-stage, a Rolls-Royce Ghost model car in “Arctic White” colour has been put on display.

In addition, to use Valentine’s Day to promote the Black Badge Cullinan vehicle - Rolls-Royce’s latest addition - the brand parked the vehicle in a selection of citywide locations with a rose-filled open hatchback on display.

Rolls-Royce first launched its ArtSpace in October 2019 with the "Colour without Compromise" themed display. Its stated goal is to provide artists with a platform for bold imagination and artistic creation, and RRMCHK says it will, “continue to explore collaborations with different talents and artists who share the same passion and present different art forms and activations to the public.”

While that sounds like a delightful bit of PR fluff, we at Marketing just think it’s nifty to have a stylish showroom - that isn’t just the usual glass and metal - to draw in potential buyers. And if that allows creatives to flex their muscles, we’re all for it.

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