Retail Reset, 4 - 5 May 2021

The beginning of this decade has proven to be challenging for the retail industry as a global change in consumer behaviour has resulted in reduced foot traffic. The impact of the pandemic’s sudden and profound disruption is a necessary overhaul for organisations in order to capture market share from this new generation of consumers. However, this may require some drastic changes that your organisation might not be prepared for.

As we reflect on the retail landscape of the past year, a few trends come to mind heading into this new era:

  • Developing new retail capabilities to lead towards a unified commerce strategy
  • Optimising your organisation’s value proposition for the new generation of consumers
  • Winning customer engagement despite changed habits and premium expectations
  • Re-inventing in-person shopping with experiential retail strategies
  • Evolving your digital channels and supply chain for increased convenience

If you and your organisation are facing challenges in any one of the noted trends above, Retail Reset seeks to help you address that skill gap in order to meet your business needs.

Featuring industry experts and trainers acquired by MARKETING-INTERACTIVE, our upcoming two-day workshop centric event will see you equipped with the necessary skills and insights to pivot into the new normal for the retail sector. You can expect to walk away with key strategies and an in-depth understanding of the next steps necessary to save your business in this cut-throat industry.