With the rise of technology and new media, there appears to be another wave of disruptive trends that will reshape the retail landscape and how consumers shop.

New tools will emerge which will result in the revolutionising of consumer behaviour, consequently requiring the crafting of new retail marketing strategies.
While physical stores still remain a main course, we are being served with an equally compelling dessert sprinkled with chatbots, voice-activated devices, and purchase buttons on social media that have come along with the boom of the digital era.

We are observing a different approach by the retail industry towards technology, which is to embrace it fully, in order to create a seamless experience for customers and exceed their expectations. This will lead to brands unifying physical retail spaces with online channels; focus on the experience and not just the tangibles; change the way people purchase items by creating the Alexas and Siris – although it is quite arguable how close we are to voice shopping at this point.

During the 2019 edition of Retail Marketing, we will focus on the future of retail and how to transform challenges by innovations into new opportunities. Join this one-day conference on April 3, 2019, along with other 200 seasoned marketers, and get inspired by top leaders from a wide range of industries.

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