Republic Polytechnic looks to train up social media professionals

To meet the growing demand for social media professionals across a broad range of industries, Republic Polytechnic (RP) has introduced the specialist diploma in communication strategies for social media.

Founding members and principal consultants of digital media management consultancy firm QED Consulting, were engaged to co-develop and deliver the curriculum for part of the specialist diploma. It will bring up-to-date industry knowledge and practices, and impart relevant skills to the participants of this programme.

Over the past five years, Singapore’s media industry grew 150% and is projected to maintain a healthy growth for the next few as well. This growth has resulted in rising demand for local talent in this sector, including those who can create compelling content and harness digital media technologies to engage their customers and stakeholders.

The timely establishment of Infocomm Media 2025 sets the benchmark on how the local workforce needs to be equipped with new infocomm media knowledge and skills as part of the goal to make Singapore a Smart Nation.

As such, the specialist diploma aims to meet the changing needs of the industry by offering a rigorous, in-depth programme that trains PR/marketing communications professionals in the development of communication strategies for social media; research and application of social/digital media analytics; content creation and marketing, as well as crisis communication and management.

The course aims to contribute to a bigger pool of digital/social media strategists who are able to harness social media effectively in engaging customers and stakeholders, and achieving business outcomes.

The year-long programme offers comprehensive and in-depth knowledge and application on how social media could be harnessed and maximised to achieve business goals. With a strong focus on project work, it requires students to apply concepts learnt and develop social media communication strategies to industry-related projects.

Warren Wang, director of RP’s School of Management and Communication, said, “Through our interaction with the industry, we have identified skill gaps that have impeded the efficient adoption of digital media within companies.”

He explained that the gaps mainly include strategic planning and understanding business priorities to align with communication strategies, integrating digital and traditional communication, harnessing digital media’s potential, sustaining digital media engagement, social media analytics and content creation, amplification and syndication.

RP will take in 30 students in the first batch for this diploma with effect from April 2017.

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