Delivering the perfect storm for Cebu

Geometry Global Hong Kong created a new campaign “Rain Codes” for Cebu Pacific to drive bookings to the much sunnier Philippines with exclusive offers from the budget airline.

Hong Kong receives just 100 hours of sunshine during its summer monsoon season. Geometry used the wet weather as an integral part of the campaign by creating ads that were only visible in the rain. Water repellent spray was used to draw ads onto the ground in high traffic areas throughout the city.

The tag line, “It’s Sunny in the Philippines” prompted passersby to scan the integrated QR code to receive a Cebu Pacific discount code.

“The budget airline industry is highly competitive, which makes it difficult to stand out,” said Kenny Blumenschein, senior creative director and head of creative at Geometry Global Hong Kong.

“With ‘Rain Codes’, we wanted to deliver the perfect storm. We took into account everything from environmental factors to subtleties in people’s behaviour.”

Reed Collins, chief creative officer of Ogilvy & Mather Group Hong Kong, added: “Hong Kong summers are notorious for thunderstorms, so we thought, why not use the rain to bring a little sunshine into people’s lives?

“Our ‘rain-codes’ were so unexpected, something people had never seen before. The campaign received a lot of attention, but even better, it sparked action.”

Geometry Global Hong Kong is the recently merged entity of G2, OgilvyAction and JWTAction.

Source: Press release

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