Prepping for Election Day

Malaysia – Google has launched an elections hub at, where citizens can study, watch, learn and participate in the policy issues shaping the campaign as elections day draws close.

In helping voters stay informed of Malaysia’s 13th General Elections, the election website features the elections-related news and search trends, along with links to the political parties’ websites and YouTube channels.

The site also provides avenues for engagement, allowing citizens to connect and engage directly with candidates, including watching live-streaming on YouTube or discussing issues on Google+ Hangouts.

The non-profit page is not open to advertising and will be regularly updated with information such as forums. Google Malaysia has worked with various political parties, media owners and non-governmental organisations in making the content publicly available.

Users will be able to search for real-time election information within the website and tap into voter information resources compiled from various sources.

The site will remain available as a future resource for Malaysian voters, including future General Elections.

In a press statement, a Google spokesperson said, “Google’s mission is to make information universally accessible and useful to users and this is definitely true for elections. We want to make sure Malaysians have access to all the information available to them in order to help them make a well-informed decision on election day.”

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