Pizza Hut investigates charred pizza delivered on mouldy box

Pizza Hut is currently investigating a case of burnt pizza on a mouldy box delivered to a customer few days ago. A Pizza Hut spokesperson told Marketing that it is currently investigating the matter and is in direct communications with the customer.

“All of our pizzas are cooked fresh to order. Food healthy and safety is of utmost importance to us,” the spokesperson said. However, Pizza Hut did not respond to Marketing‘s queries on measures it will be taking upon receiving the complaint and how it aims to ensure the incident does not occur again. According to AsiaOne, the customer said that Pizza Hut apologised for the inconvenience caused, but not for the overall incident. However, Pizza Hut did not comment on this. The affected customer added that a Pizza Hut staff first offered a refund but later called and offered a complimentary pizza in the next order or to be used on that day itself.

This is not the first time a food brand has been called out for unsavory products. Earlier this year, Singapore-based food company IRVINS Salted Egg found itself in a very unfortunate situation and in the midst of a PR storm when a customer reported on Facebook that she found a dead lizard in her packet of chips.

Acting swiftly, the brand however, responded with a sincere apology on its Facebook post, and highlighted that it will provide refunds to those impacted. Founder Irvin Gunawan, who wrote the post, said that the team was “shocked and devastated” at the situation, adding that it was a “major blow” to the team. Several netizens praised the brand and its PR team on the statement saying it was “PR crisis management at its best”. Others said it was willing to support the brand by purchasing more chips packets. The fiasco died out with the apology within days.

PR professionals chimed that too often ‘sorry’ seems to be the hardest words for brands, but is something consumers actually want to hear.

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