P&G and Grey Group Indonesia unveils film for Ramadan

P&G Indonesia has launched its film #AkuPilihMaafIbu, which is aimed to bring alive the essence of Ramadan: forgiveness and starting afresh. Tied-in with the recent presidential election that took place in Indonesia, the insight of making choices and accepting the choices of others also came into play in the film.

Together with Grey Group Indonesia, #AkuPilihMaafIbu, which means “I elect mother’s forgiveness”, recognises the possible tension that may exist between relationships after the presidential election where Indonesians have to take sides. The film was launched online and on social media on 18 Apr 2019, one day after the presidential election.

The film depicts the tense relationship between a mother and her daughter who have opposing views through the early years of the daughter’s adulthood. The tension is then resolved at the end when the daughter asks for her mother’s forgiveness during Eid recitations. Through the two-minute film, P&G Indonesia hopes to remind its audiences that no matter how different the choices, it is the choice to forgive and accept each other that makes the bonds between mothers and daughters even stronger.

The film has garnered over 3,638,253 views since its upload.

Aldrich Gopal, country marketing head of P&G Indonesia said that it intended to give mothers and daughters “two precious minutes” to spend together this Ramadan, referring to the caption at the start of the film saying “watch this video to the end with your special someone”.

“We wanted every Indonesian daughter to remember all the sacrifices mom has made. On the surface, it may seem as though mom is always sitting on the other side of the fence. In reality, what a mother really yearns is for her daughter’s forgiveness and acceptance, especially during Lebaran,” added Gopal.

“For us, the creative challenge was to be able to bring alive a story of forgiveness, especially during an election, and yet be able to bring out the beauty and love that only a mother and daughter relationship shares,” said Subbaraju Alluri, chief executive officer, Grey Indonesia and Thailand.

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