Pernod Ricard celebrates global Convivialité campaign launch with cocktails

As part of the launch for its first-ever global corporate campaign – Be a Convivialist  Pernod Ricard has partnered with Hong Kong fine dining restaurant and bar Bibo, and mixologist Antonio Lai, to launch a series of new cocktails.

The partnership coincides with the unveiling of Pernod Ricard’s worldwide study of Convivialité, which surveyed more than 11,000 respondents in 11 countries to explore how different cultures and communities connect with one another.

The survey revealed that 78% of countries consider their country is convivial, 61% of respondents think the world is less convivial nowadays than five years ago with Asian countries as the exception: India (53%) and China (52%) consider that the world is more convivial nowadays than five years ago.

According to the survey, China is the only country demonstrating greater confidence in a positive evolution for conviviality worldwide (52%) than in their own country (43%).

Available exclusively at Bibo from 1 to 28 February, the four cocktails personify different ‘convivialist’ personality traits of people – Wild and Free, Joyful Enthusiast, Trusted Companion and Warm and Kindred Spirit.

“It’s incredible to know that no matter where we’re from, we have this shared value of connection, through meeting together to share moments of happiness,” says Philippe Guettat, chairman and CEO of Pernod Ricard Asia. “Conviviality is at the core of our business and is what truly unites us all across the world.”

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