Pantene and Google bring ‘goddess hair’ tutorials to YouTube

Pantene has teamed up with Grey and Google to launch a set of four video tutorials to back its new hair conditioner Pantene Pro V.

Targeting young females in Hong Kong and Taiwan, the one-minute videos tap into Google search data for a more targeted campaign. Among the top 50 hair-related search words are “hairstyle tutorial”, “2015 hairstyle”, “Taylor Swift style” and “ponytail”.

The P&G brand uses the first half of each video for styling demonstrations, with the second half used to deliver a brand message.

“In the era of content-driven marketing, brands need to spark customer’s interests with soft and value-added content that matters to them,” Ken Chan, senior brand manager of Pantene Hong Kong and Taiwan, told Marketing.

The campaign is a joint project between Pantene, Grey and Google, he said.

“Google has given us a lot of help in identifying what social context resonate with our target audiences the most. It’s essential to know what audiences want to keep them focused and interested in the ad before bring out our products.

The strategy has so far been proven successful as the video view rate has seen a few fold improvement compared to the product-driven ads, Chan said.

At the end of each video is a call-to-action button for which audiences can redeem coupons for the new product line.

“Coupon redemption rate in this digital campaign has seen a ten-fold increase compared to traditional print coupons from our previous promotional campaigns,” he added.

Two more tutorials themed around the holiday season and the New Year are slated to launch in the next few weeks. The campaign runs until January.

Client: Pantene
Creative: Grey Hong Kong
Media: Starcom

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