Panasonic collaborates with Media Prima to launch drama series

Panasonic Malaysia has entered into a major collaboration with Media Prima to strengthen its prominence in the electrical consumer product segment.

Together with Panasonic, Media Prima delivered “Panasonic Ketupat Rendang Brownies Coklat”, which aims to connects emotionally with its target audience and brings its viewers whole family together.  The series features integration of various Panasonic products to portray the brand as an integral part of Malaysians’ lives.

The drama series stars Malaysian artistes such as Rita Rudaini and Rashidi Ishak, alongside veterans Khatijah Tan and Meor Hashim Manaf. It also includes young performers Khayrisyah Kamal and Habeil Lutfillah. To further harness the star appeal of its cast, Panasonic appointed Rita Rudaini and Khatijah Tan as the official ambassadors of its ‘Sehati Beraya’ promotion, that runs until 30 June 2017.

In extension to the series, Panasonic is also engaging consumers through branded content across channels. It also includes Panasonic branded light rail transit and engagements through numerous platforms under Media Prima Berhad such as The New Straits Times Press, Big Tree, radio stations and tonton.

The company’s partnership with the nation’s leading integrated media network is aimed at deepening Panasonic’s product penetration across the larger Malaysian households.

“We are committed to enriching the lives of our consumers by delivering good quality and durable products that fulfil their ever changing lifestyles, making each family occasion more meaningful. Our partnership with Media Prima Berhad is another significant platform for us to reach out to more families and make consumer lives better,” Cheng Chee Chung, managing director of Panasonic Malaysia said.

“This partnership reaffirms Media Prima Berhad’s leadership as the largest media conglomerate with the ability to reach the broadest audience across multiple platforms. More than that, we offer our creative resources to produce highly engaging content that is relevant to the Malay audience,” Puan Nini Yusof, director of sales and strategy for client service group of Media Prima Berhad, said.

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