OneDegree promotes pet insurance through emotional video

Virtual insurance company OneDegree has rolled out a video to promote its pet insurance product. Instead of just listing out benefits, OneDegree, in collaboration with Secret Tour Hong Kong, has adopted an emotional approach to engage pet owners.

The video Forever Promise to you Forever One (承諾愛寵一生寵愛) is the first part of the campaign. It echoes with true stories of numerous pet owners with their beloved pets and leverages music to engage audiences, capturing various scenarios in the pets' daily lives. As most of the production team, including the director and music composer, are pet owners, the video is aimed at emotionally connecting with pet owners by telling them the thoughts of an ageing cat.

At the end of the video is a thank you message from the cat to the owner. "Although you have been with me for my entire life, I can only stay with you for as many as 20 years. Hopefully I will be your owner in another life, and you just need to be a happy cat. Thank you for all the good time throughout the years."

According to OneDegree, the video is the first part of an entire campaign to build awareness among pet owners. Until Chinese New Year, a number of materials across various online platforms will be launched to provide information focusing on the insurance's strengths.

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