OMD helps Esso and Mobil 'Discover Smiles'

In a bid to establish strong brand credibility and positioning, Esso and Mobil have successfully launched an OMD-conceptualised TV programme riding on the concept of a treasure hunt.

The programme, "Discover Smiles Treasure" (DST) was aired on TV3, the free-to-air TV channel in Malaysia, for around 15 episodes. The promo spots were circulated on other TV stations like ntv7, 8tv and tv9.  Within the programme brand exposures were carried out via incidental shots, Esso Mobil stations, Esso Mobil logo, Smiles card, Smiles logo and others.

The OMD team worked closely with the producer to incorporate strong branding content for Esso and Mobil whilst selling the benefits of the Smiles Card, the loyalty programme for Esso and Mobil.

"Customers can earn points in almost all purchases and the show helped to communicate this clearly and with active engagement," Andreas Vogiatzakis MD for OmnicomMediaGroup Malaysia said.

"The focus was on content creation that strikes a chord with the audience directly. Developing exciting and relevant content formats to the audience that touch their hearts and minds, and thus delivering a unique platform on which the brand can engage with the consumers is vital.  We have done just that with this execution, from A to Z," Vogiatzakis, said.