Olympian City hosts inventive Leonardo da Vinci exhibition

Sino Group’s Olympian City has launched a Leonardo da Vinci- themed exhibition to commemorate the polymath and showcase his innovations.

In collaboration with the Hong Kong Innovation Foundation and Italian international museum Leonardo3 Museum (L3), Olympian City has been launching a variety of large-scale STEM programmes, which combine with arts-and-culture-based activities, helping to popularize STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) education.

“We are honoured to collaborate with L3 to bring an internationally renowned exhibition devoted to this Italian master to Hong Kong. By showcasing machines built from da Vinci’s concepts and providing interactive experiences, the exhibition is expected to not only inspire Hong Kong people, but also help encourage innovation and technology development in our city,” said Nikki Ng, deputy chairman of the Hong Kong Innovation Foundation.

Themed “Think Like Leonardo da Vinci”, the exhibition features machines built from da Vinci’s concepts, more than 1,000 digitised manuscripts and interactive drawings, and features a host of new multi-sensory experiences specially designed for this occasion.

The exhibition will also display mechanical models of da Vinci’s flying machine, architectural structures, musical instruments, ships, transportations, and other conceptual designs that have inspired inventions in the generations following him. For example, interactive installations of the Codex Atlanticus and Codex on the Flight of Birds will be featured at the exhibition.

Other interactive experiences include a Mona Lisa mosaic show, a VR experience of The Last Supper, a body scanner allowing participants to compare their body build to that of da Vinci’s Vetruvian Man, and a flying contest where participants use a body sensor to control a flying device.

“Sharing the same ideal of promoting innovation, L3 is partnering with the two organisations to bring the touring exhibition, which has already travelled to France, Italy and the US, to Hong Kong as its first Asian stop. We are certain the event will showcase the innovative spirit of da Vinci to the people of Hong Kong, and hope that it will pave the way for exhibitions in other Asian cities,” said Mario Taddei, co-founder and co-technical director of L3.

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