Olay rolls out new video for Chinese Valentine’s Day

Chinese Valentine’s Day (6 August) is around the corner, and skincare brand Olay plans to celebrate the occasion with a new online video focused on women who are fearless of both age and love.

In China, a love relationship consisting of an older woman and a younger man is called “Jiedilian”(姐弟戀), which is translated as a big sister falling in love with a younger brother. This type of relationship is perceived as non-traditional.

Olay’s new film aims to convey the message of breaking up with social norms and expectations by encouraging women to say “Let’s break up” – not with their partner, but with age, and to pursue a relationship where age is not a concern.

Inspired by real-life stories, the film features a “Jiedilian” couple who are under pressure from their parents and concern from friends regarding their age gap. The female lead character struggles and as the outside voices become unbearable, she ultimately decides to break up with the fear of age for good. 

This campaign is a continuation of Olay’s take on the controversial social topic – aging of women. The skincare brand aims to encourage women not to be defined by age.



Agency GREY Hong Kong

CCO Michael Knox 

Head of strategy Owen Smith 

Group creative director Christopher Lee 

Creative director Flora Tsui 

Senior copywriter Augustine Huang 

Business director Duffy Lau 

Senior account director Jesppie Poon 

Associate account director Ivan Lam 

Account manager Jamie Wong 


Client P&G Greater China, Skin Care – Olay

Vice-president Hyoeun Kim

Associate brand director Victor Leung

Brand manager Vera Zhong

Associate brand manager Crystal Li

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