Olay launches new campaign for Chinese Valentine’s Day

For this year’s Chinese Valentine’s Day, Olay has created a campaign to deliver the message “once you are fearless of age, you can love without fear”, with real-life inspirational stories of women.

The brand selected real-life stories from thousands of messages left on Olay’s online platforms and created three films, using the content provided to encourage all women to listen to themselves when it comes to love.

The films were launched last week through major websites and social platforms, such as Weibo and Weixin.

In addition to the films, there’s an exhibition displaying love stories at the “Olay Chinese Valentine’s Day -Love Museum-” in Guangzhou to further promote the power of love.

The museum brings a digitalised experience to the visitors. Meanwhile, photographers will capture visitors experience at the museum. Visitors who upload photos to Weibo with hashtag #FearlessOfAge will receive a reward. Moreover, the visitors can use the AI face-tracking system to foresee their skin condition.

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