OCBC Bank brings ‘Unstoppable’ campaign to life through street play

OCBC Bank has brought its “Unstoppable” campaign to the streets of Singapore, entertaining Singaporeans with a live skit. Featuring everyday scenarios through a street performance, the bank aims to educate passers-by of its mobile banking app features.

Done in collaboration with Ogilvy Singapore, a series of four street plays were conceptualised. Engaging a guerrilla group of theatre actors for the skit at Raffles Place, one of the short scenarios feature a man lifting weights at a gym who is then approached by a friend questioning him about his budgets for the month. Without stopping his exercise regime, the lead character speaks to his mobile banking app to figure out if he has enough budget for the month to sign up with the gym.

The spot ends with the actors promoting OCBC’s latest voice assistant feature as well as the easy mobile banking through a phrase, “Hands all tied up? No problem, you can use voice assistant to access your banking needs.” Watch the live recording of the skit here:

The activation was purposefully led at Raffles Place between 11am to 4pm yesterday due to the high footfall in that area. Yvonne Low, CMO, consumer financial services Singapore, OCBC Bank told Marketing that an interactive street performance allows the public to “experience” the objectives of the campaign – which is to be “Unstoppable, Tomorrow and Today”.

“While the campaign has been amplified through all the expected channels such as print, OOH, digital and social, we felt that the best way to let people feel unstoppable, is to experience it for themselves,” Low said.

Ogilvy Singapore is the social agency for OCBC Bank for over a year. According to Emily Poon, executive group director of Ogilvy Singapore, by taking a fresh spin on digital marketing concepts of personalisation and interests-based targeting, the team was able to present entertaining and immersive real-life street plays.

Meanwhile, the official campaign film was conceptualised and launched earlier this month by GOVT Singapore. The campaign was part of a marketing push to building on OCBC’s brand promise of being “Simply spot on”. The integrated campaign consists of a series of video, digital, social, outdoor and print touchpoints, aimed at highlighting the benefits around OCBC’s digital solutions.

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