Novartis and Edelman create musical petition for Psoriasis heroes

Novartis and the Psoriasis Association of Malaysia have launched the “Be Pso Positive” campaign in a bid to create real world actions for enhancing the lives of those who take this medical condition in their stride and continue to pursue their individual aspirations and passion.

Done in collaboration with Edelman Malaysia and Malaysian singer and song writer Zee Avi, the latest spot is said to be the world’s first petition for Psoriasis heroes. Encouraged by the last years’ initiative of convincing Psoriasis patients to confidently face the limelight, this year’s collaboration pushes the envelope by kickstarting a petition to make Psoriasis treatment more accessible to all. Meanwhile, Edelman said the music video with Zee will roll out next week.

Edelman Malaysia’s MD, Mazuin Zin, said music has the power to both heal and make consumers feel for something that might not otherwise affect their lives.

“A reason we decided to anchor our activism around scripting perhaps world’s first musical petition celebrating the lives of our Psoriasis heroes, their beliefs and aspirations. This truly is a demonstration how a brand walks the talk on its purpose in order to create an earned attention,” she explained.

Mazuin added that the very act of sitting down with those braving this medical condition and penning down their life’s aspirations with a professional lyricist brings out the key aspect that this medical condition is much deeper than a mere skin condition.

“Through this musical journey we wish to educate both the sufferers and their care givers the aspect of how this condition can have much deeper manifestations in terms of psoriatic arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and depression, among others,” she added.

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