Nokia names Schaumann to global role

Nokia has named Chris Schaumann, its head of online sales and marketing for APAC as director, expertise and capability development, digital & social, innovation & transformation, global marketing.

Having worked in Asia for the past 11 years, first at WPP then Microsoft before joining Nokia, Schaumann said his role will allow him to leverage on his career experience.

Schaumann will relocate to London for the new role.

The newly formed global team under Devinder Kishore, vice president of innovation, transformation and marketing, is tasked to identify, nurture and expand key capabilities and areas of expertise across the marketing organization. In addition, turn-key innovations will be identified and converted into best practices.

Schaumann will report to Kishore.

His role is to focus on the areas of digital, social and CRM and leverage his experience of digital transformation from his roles in Microsoft and Nokia Southeast Asia & Pacific to further extent Nokia's global digital marketing leadership.