Nikon encourages aspiring filmmakers to break free

To highlight the professional-level video features of the new Nikon D750 DSLR FX camera, JWT Singapore has helped the brand to create an interactive online campaign that allows people to watch an elite group of Korean break dancers from nine different perspectives in a high-energy film shot with the D750 camera itself. The campaign is called “Breaking Free”.

Dutch film director Joris Bulstra used nine D750 cameras to shoot Morning of Owl, a South Korean break dancing crew, from various angles, capturing different parts of the dance sequences. Viewers can click on different camera icons on the video to watch the action from a different angle and perspective.

“With the explosion of great online content and the ability for anyone to express themselves more freely today, we wanted to demonstrate how this camera could empower and inspire people to do more. By putting it in the hands of these dancers, the result was both illustrative and entertaining,” said Jared Kang, senior art director of JWT Singapore.

The film, which aired on Nikon Asia Pacific’s YouTube channel over the weekend was filmed in Amsterdam.

Take a look:

“We are proud to showcase the D750 in such an innovative and engaging manner, which naturally brings out the camera’s ease of mobility, cutting-edge image quality, and distinctive features.” said Garland Mak, deputy general manager of International Marketing Division Imaging Group, Nikon Singapore.

The Nikon D750 includes a range of high-end video features, including a tilting monitor that makes video shooting more comfortable and allows filmmakers to build an affordable, but professional, video shooting kit without an external monitor. It is also the smallest and lightest in the range of Nikon cameras which come with a built in flash and movie functions.

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