New World Development launches new healthcare brand Humansa

New World Development has launched a new health care brand “Humansa” in a bid to tapping into the wellness and senior care market.

Hong Kong ageing population are increasingly experiencing suboptimal health. The population aged 65 and above in Hong Kong is expected to increase by more than a double to 2.5 million by 2037. Within that group of seniors, 60% are expected to have at least one chronic illness, and the number of people with neurological illnesses and osteoarthritis will further increase.

The launch of Humansa –  the first service of its kind in Hong Kong to adopt a holistic model combining wellness and healthcare – responds to the society’s need for high-quality professional healthcare services, in particular the affluent younger generation have become more aware of their health, and are willing to spend more for better and more personalised wellness and healthcare services.

The brand’s services work towards the “big health” living concept, which is based on the idea that health should be addressed in a comprehensive manner. It considers people’s habits in terms of their clothing, eating, living and exercise habits as well as birth, old age, sickness and death, and focuses on different problem areas or factors that can jeopardise health. People are encouraged to manage their own health.

Targeting specifically mature adults aged 40 or above and seniors who follow the “big health living concept”, Humansa one-stop service model will include wellness and health care for mature adults, rehabilitation, elderly home management and home care, addressing clients’ needs at all stages of their lives. The services provided include high-quality wellness and senior care services, comprehensive personalised services for rehabilitation and for improving patients’ physical conditions.

Humansa has two private healthcare treatment centres. Named “Rehabilitation and Wellness Centres”, they provide neurological health treatments, pain management and therapeutic exercise classes and more. The centres utilise hospital-grade treatment equipment, most-advanced medical technology, fitness and rehabilitation equipment, and a top-expertise medical team. They also leverage big data from the medical field.

Some of the highlights of the pioneer medical treatments Humansa’s health treatment centres have recently started using including Automatic Retinal Image Analysis (ARIA) to assess the risk of a stroke without blood test; the Handy Rehab robotic recovery hand which helps stroke patients recover movement in their hands; and the Smart Glove which allows stroke patients to relearn how to control their wrists and muscles.

Other than health treatment centres, Humansa will set up an online and offline big health platform. Through artificial intelligence and big data, it will provide the more than one million seniors in Hong Kong with a wide range of healthcare products and services.

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