New Media Group pushes digital with new identity

New Media Group will be using a new logo from October onward to mark their milestone business progression into the digital arena.

“With almost 70% of our business now expanded into the digital business arena, we are truly monetizing our continuously growing digital platforms and services. We do not just serve as a platforms provider anymore. We share our content experience and we tell our clients what it takes to win. ‘Customer-Centric Marketing’ is the new rule of the game,”  Cindy Chan, Chief Marketing Officer of New Media Group said.

“Being a fully developed multimedia content publisher with well-established platforms and networks allows us to provide a wide spectrum of digital services and support to agencies and direct clients by creating content, building brands, increasing loyalty, launching tactical campaigns and expanding marketing reach in the digital world,” she outlined.

Starting on October 13th, the weekly magazines Oriental Sunday, Weekend Weekly and New Monday will be combined into a comprehensive all-in-one bundle to be published every Thursday. Chan explained, “In order to match these changes, the ratio of resources hence need to be re-adjusted between print and digital. This change will, however, result in the downsizing of certain operations and will affect around 50-something employees, with a combination of voluntary and involuntary departures. We appreciate efforts and contributions made by every single colleague over the years. Compensation offers, internal referrals and freelance hiring priority schemes, etc. will be communicated to affected employees over the next couple of days.”

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