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New digital telco targets data savvy smartphone users

Singapore-based digital telco Circles.Life has opened its online shop touting its data-centric plans, one being an unlimited bonus data offer for current and potential customers.

The digital telco’s service and operations are entirely online, it does not have any physical stores and all services and handset purchases can be made via its website. Customers can also manage their account through its mobile app. Since its operations are virtual, it leases its mobile network capacity from incumbent telco M1 to make up for a lack of physical networks.

To promote its offering, the digital telco has ran digital campaigns through native ads, video ads and sponsored posts through identified key influencers on various social media platforms. It will be launching a series of roadshow booths in key locations throughout Singapore.

Circles.Life is founded by three seasoned executives and entrepreneurs namely Rameez Ansar, Abhishek Gupta and Adeel Najam who had previously worked for Temasek Holdings, McKinsey, StarHub and other companies. It is the consumer brand of Liberty Wireless, a mobile virtual network operator.

It was launched in May this year and aims to target data savvy and data-centric smartphone users.

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