Nest Pitch Day seeks budding Hong Kong entrepreneurs

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Nest, a Hong Kong-based startup incubator, is on the hunt for entrepreneurial talent to help them see their ideas come to life.

Known as Nest Pitch Day, it gives talented startups and entrepreneurs the opportunity to apply for support and capital investments from some of the city’s leading executives.

The next Nest Pitch Day is planned for the 6th September with seed money ranging between HK$200,000 and HK$500,000 on offer for early stage investments.

But Simon Squibb, founder and CEO of Nest Ideas, says it is more than just money.

“We empower them with capital, mentorship, advice and network support,” he says.

“We can help take startup founders not just from a financial investment perspective by putting in seed capital, but more importantly, we help these companies make their business go all the way with our hands-on help system.”

With millions of apps and startup ideas out there, Squibb says these ideas often don’t win based on technology alone.

Branding and marketing uniqueness gets them ahead of others more than ever, he says.

“Pitch Day is where we make this decision to invest our full resources, time and money into the founders and the companies they pitch.”

How it works

As part of Nest Pitch Day, each company has 10 minutes to present to the NEST team before moving into 20 minutes Q&A.

If we like your pitch, and want to invest, we’ll provide you and your business with up to HK$500,000 in capital as well as hands-on mentorship, marketing, legal, and accounting support.

Pitch Day is not open to the public.

“We want to empower entrepreneurs and aim to be the leading light for talented entrepreneurs in Asia,” Squibb adds.

To find out more about follow the link to Nest.

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