Neo Derm reveals the secrets behind Karena Lam’s beauty

In a call for consumers to wake up to the importance of collagen in keeping skin youthful, beauty group Neo Derm will roll out a campaign based on its mission to give customers a “three year youth revival”.

Starring local celebrity Karena Lam (林嘉欣), the campaign leads with a 30 second TVC, produced by Metta Communications, with an education-style video created by secret Tour Hong Kong.


Online videos

“Neo-collagen is important for skin to stay young as we’re losing it everyday. To stay young, skin must be enriched by 70% collagen. But its a complex concept for board audience,” Karen Woo, brand director of Neo Derm, told Marketing.

“So we engage a credible spokesperson, Lam, with testimonials to illustrate how our product reenex Neo-collagen can give a three year youth revival to customers – by stimulating self-generation of “baby collagen” deep inside the skin, and pump up skin with collagen for three years.”

She said the campaign aims to tap consumers in the digital age.

“It helps consumers to understand the unique technology with full neo-collagen story, how woman starts ageing from their 20’s because of collagen loss, and reenex, as the Neo-collagen expertise, can set up Neo-collagen institute to slow down women’s ageing process,” she added.

The campaign is supported by OOH and print media to raise awareness of the brand.

Clients: Neo Derm
TVC creative agency: Metta Communication
Viral videos creative agency: Secret Tour Hong Kong
Media agency: Mindshare

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