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MTV Exit champions anti-human trafficking cause in Myanmar



11-25 OCTOBER 2013



To raise awareness of human trafficking and exploitation in three high-risk communities in Myanmar – Mawlamyine, Hpa An and Pathein.


The event was conducted as part of MTV Exit’s campaign against human trafficking and exploitation. MTV Exit is operates under MTV. Matt Love, director, MTV Exit told Marketing Events that the event was aimed at reducing human trafficking through innovative campaigns that equip young people to make informed, empowered decisions.

The event comprised of youth training sessions and concerts. The youth training sessions (pictured below) were to provide young people with the skills and resources they would need to hold human trafficking awareness events in their communities. As for the concerts, they were aimed at sharing information about human trafficking directly with people in the community.

MTV Exit partnered World Vision for the youth trainings while the concerts were free for all to attend. The brand also invited NGOs and the Myanmar Police Anti-Trafficking Task Force to set up information booths on the concert grounds.

The roadshow activity dates and locations were announced to Myanmar media on 13 September, during the Myanmar Government’s first annual Anti-Trafficking in Persons Day in Naw Pyi Daw. The announcement generated national media coverage in Myanmar’s top newspapers.

In the month leading up to the concerts, MTV Exit’s production partner erected billboards and distributed flyers in the three cities where the concerts took place.

The brand also announced the events on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google. MTV Exit also posted pictures soon after the youth trainings to let its audiences know where the brand was.

To ensure maximum turnout, each concert took place on a weekend night (Friday in Mawlamyine and Pathein and Sunday in Hpa An). The event saw two of Myanmar’s most famous singers, Phyu Phyu Kyaw Thein and Phyo Gyi headlining the free concerts (pictured below) in these locations.

During the concerts, Myanmar’s human trafficking hotline numbers were broadcasted on an on-stage LCD screen.

MTV Exit also distributed 5,000 glow-in-the-dark wristbands displaying Myanmar’s human trafficking hotline number during the roadshow. Its partners distributed information about human trafficking to concert goers, including International Labour Organisation (an organisation set up to promote rights at work) who distributed 3,000 anti-human trafficking leaflets during the Mawlamyine concert alone.

Local and international organisations such as Walk Free, World Vision, the Anti-Trafficking Task Force (ATTF), IOM and Save the Children also set up information booths at each of the concert venues and distributed leaflets and posters to concertgoers with tips on safe migration.


The event saw over 13,500 people attending the event in Mawlamyine, Hpa-An and Pathein.

The MTV Exit Myanmar Facebook page generated over 8,000 page likes from 13 September to 27 October.

MTV Exit’s Facebook posts about the roadshow activities averaged 200 fan actions (Likes, shares or comments). Its top post reached 67,000 people and generated approximately 1,500 actions, said MTV.

There was also PR coverage across TV, online and in print, including Eleven Daily Newspaper and Myanma Alin Daily Newspaper.


One of the biggest challenges in organising the event was the lack of local equipment providers and production expertise.

“It was difficult to source equipment for concerts of the scale we wanted in the concert locations. Due to this, we engaged Star Event Production Company to produce the three concerts, including sourcing all the concert equipment in Yangon and bringing it to each concert location,” Love added.

Limited venue options were another challenge faced by MTV Exit.

“As Mawlamyine, Hpa An and Pathein do not often host large-scale events such as concerts, there were few venue options for us to choose from. Due to this, we structured our concerts based on the venue available in each location, whether indoor or outdoor,” he added.

For future events, MTV Exit is aiming to ensure that there is more time between roadshow activities in each city in order to maximise engagement with local partners and community members.

What were some contingency plans for the event?

“During the initial visits to the three locations, both an indoor and outdoor venue was identified so that we could be flexible based on the preferences of our partners as the planning progressed. Our production team also had to ensure that they secured suitable equipment for both indoor and outdoor spaces. In the end, we used indoor venues in Pathein and Hpa An and an outdoor space in Mawlamyine,” Love said.

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