This award recognises the best event aimed towards promoting and celebrating the arts. This can include theatre events, gallery exhibitions, music concerts, literary festivals, artistic competitions and more. Judges will be looking for high levels of creativity and a keen knowledge of the local and international arts scene related to the event’s focus.
This category recognises those events which best integrate a digital element into the live experience. This might be through live feeds, virtual reality, interactive platforms, social media or gaming. The digital element must enhance rather than distract from the overall event objectives.
Awarded to the competition event that effectively engaged an audience and drove brand awareness. The competition can include an online/digital strategy, but the actual competition must be hosted during a live event.
Awarded to the most strategic, creative and effective event that achieved the brand’s objectives among a consumer audience. Open to an event held either in a single venue or multiple times in different venues.
Awarded to an outstanding business/corporate/trade event that communicated its message in a unique, yet effective method. Sales meetings, annual shareholder events, proprietary events, multi-day meetings, awards galas, trade show-related festivities and parties are all eligible.
Awarded to the most strategic and effective corporate social responsibility event that achieved the event’s objectives.
Awarded to an event with outstanding production values, concept and execution. Lighting to music, AV, staging, animation and graphics will all be taken into consideration.
This award goes to the best community engagement event that has effectively targeted a specific audience or community. Judges will be looking for the event’s strategic engagement, positive action and/or change in community behaviour.
This category recognises the most seamlessly executed exhibition. The judges will be assessing excellence in large-scale events with multiple exhibitors, and entries can include trade, retail, arts and culture, as well as single brand exhibitions.
This category recognises an event experience that takes the audience inside a brand or product. Entries should be able to demonstrate how the event engaged attendees in a customised environment or space.
This category aims to award an event for more than 200 attendees. This can include a one-day event or an event which spans multiple days from exhibitions, festivals and charities to corporate events. Judges will be looking at the design, production, ambience and overall success of the event.
Awarded to the best event set-up in malls that creatively engaged shoppers through activities or programmes.
This category recognises a media or press event which successfully engaged journalists and bloggers and resulted in strong media coverage post-event.
Examples include carnivals, art fairs, music or film festivals in an outdoor setting. Submissions must clearly show a high engagement with the audience and strong exposure for partner brands.
Awarded to a sports or fitness-related outdoor event designed to drive brand awareness, engagement and sales.
Awarded to the event that first launched, relaunched or repositioned a product or service. Judges will be looking at the role and contribution of the event that drove the brand’s core business objective.
Awarded to the best event organised as a result of a sponsorship agreement. Judges will look at how well the event met the brand’s objectives and the overall execution of the event.
This award seeks out the most effective strategies in recruiting and utilising advocates and influencers/KOLs (including experts, ambassadors, celebrities, etc) for an event. Judges will be looking at not only how influencers were recruited, but how effectively they spread the event’s message.
Awarded to an outstanding event built on a budget of HK$500,000 or less. Judges are looking for the creative use of a limited budget. All events will be considered in this category.
Awarded to the event that utilised multi-channel (for example, social, PR, content, etc) to drive traffic, generate leads, identify prospects and garner more participation.
Recognises companies or brands which utilised social media platforms to strike a conversation with an audience to get them talking about and participating in an event. This award recognises the event that best used social media to expand reach and enhance the experience.
Recognises an event which utilises a venue to its full potential, using innovative ways to fill the space and engage the audience. The venue can be large scale or a small pop-up style space.
This category recognises events targeted at high-level or VIP attendees. Entries must demonstrate exclusivity and should be highly focused on this desirable demographic.
Awarded to an event brought to life with new, emerging or trending technologies which not only made the event more engaging for the target audience, but pushed new designs, concepts and ideas to the limit. Innovations can include wearables, location-based technologies, mobile integration and interactive concepts.
This award focuses on how themes, designs, entertainment, catering, lighting and innovation are combined to build a highly creative and engaging event. Judges will consider how the event transitions from a smart strategic insight to a compelling brand experience.
This award recognises the excellent performance of an event production team which has the most effective management for an event. Judges will be looking for proof of the team’s scope of work, strategic skills and how the event team managed an issue or crisis during the event. The award is open to in-house events teams and agencies.