Media Prima sees 100k downloads for mobile game, to leverage TV and print for promotions

Mak Cun’s Adventure, a mobile game app developed by Media Prima Labs, has achieved 100,000 organic downloads within 10 days of its launch on 23 May.

Its spokesperson told A+M that time management games are popular in Malaysia and the fact that Mak Cun’s Adventure had “a touch of local flavour to it” and included local cuisines such as char kuey teow and nasi campur contributed to the organic download numbers. Media Prima Labs recently launched a new level named “Mak Cun’s Boutique”, offering players with another 30 levels of game play. The spokesperson said that it will release a new stall in the game every few months with an emphasis on local cuisine, to ensure the players do not uninstall the app, as well as include in-game events in the future to optimise user engagement.

“The game also works on a star-system. If [players] are not able to get the full three stars, they will have to keep replaying until they achieve a three-star rating for each level,” she added. Media Prima Digital’s CEO Rafiq Razali said the company initially targeted 100,000 downloads within the first three months and were surprised by the “amazing response”.

Mak Cun’s Adventure is the Malaysian version of Diner Dash, which allows users to help the protagonist Mak Cun prepare orders for customers at her warung (a small family-owned business).

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