Media Prima Radio Networks relaunches e-commerce platform SuperDeals

Media Prima Radio Networks (MPRN) has relaunched its e-commerce platform SuperDeals, now features voucher-focused deals such as food and beverage, beauty and spa, and travel.

SuperDeals was first launched in 2017. In a statement to A+M, MPRN’s spokesperson said MPRN wanted to build consumer revenue and realised it is able to deal with merchants on its own rather than being a virtual storefront. With the relaunch, it now aims to garner a bigger share of revenue and build more data on consumers, especially on the purchasing behaviour among Malaysians.

Vouchers are exclusively available in digital format and SuperDeals’ website. Meanwhile, customer service, including live chat, phone call and email services, will be available in English, Chinese and Malay languages. This is in a bid to establish a personal connection with consumers when they have enquiries. Additionally, notifications will be sent to consumers to redeem the vouchers before the expiry date.

It will also tap into its radio and digital presence to raise awareness about SuperDeals. “Marketing cost is the biggest aspect of an e-commerce platform. By using our own marketing reach and digital community, they give an edge to this initiative. SuperDeals will also leverage on Media Prima group’s strength where possible,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson added that e-commerce manager Chen Suet Yen will be managing the SuperDeals operations. She reports directly to the sales and marketing GM Elaine Lee.

According to CEO of MPRN, Seelan Paul (pictured), MPRN has always innovated its business proposition and have grown its traditional and digital revenue over the years. “We strongly believe that with our reach on both traditional and digital platform, we would be able to market this heavily and create huge interest among consumers,” Paul said.

He added that MPRN is working closely with a global technology platform to ensure great consumer experience on the website, and is confident in building its share of the pie in the e-commerce industry in Malaysia, which Paul describes as “ever growing”.

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