Media Prima Radio Network looks to develop next generation talent

Media Prima Radio Network (MPRN), has signed a collaborative Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Management & Science University (MSU) to develop broadcasting programmes and modules as well as consultancy-related services for the next generation.

The collaboration will also include industry training placements within broadcasting, the expansion of existing academic training programmes, as well as the sharing of expertise and know-how including industry talks by MPRN experienced broadcasters to the students of respective fields.

The effort is expected to further increase the marketability of MSU graduates. As it is, more than 98% of MSU graduates have found permanent jobs within six months of graduation, according to an internal study.

“This collaboration is an excellent platform for MPRN to share information and ideas as well as elevate the Malaysian radio industry to the next level. We see this as an excellent opportunity to synergise our collective efforts to create a more creative and highly imaginative new generation of radio broadcasters in Malaysia,” Seelan Paul, CEO of MPRN said.

The synergy will also include consultations for early stage development, including the design and construction of an industry standard radio county in MSU’s campus, as well as insights on its technical aspects including the use of proper softwares and hardwares. MPRN is also providing valuable inputs in finalising the development plan for the setting up of a campus radio with MSU’s academic team.

In addition, MPRN’s top radio broadcasters will also be actively sharing information and know-how with MSU students, plus career tips on becoming a successful radio broadcaster in Malaysia.

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