McDonald’s HK totally transforms branch for Crispy Thighs launch and kicks off HKBN partnership

In an impressive bit of sleight of hand marketing magic, McDonald’s Hong Kong surprised customers by completely transforming its Quarry Bay store into a one-of-a-kind “M Chicken” branded venue, launching a new product the same day it kicked off a strategic partnership with HKBN.

Marking the launch of its new Crispy Thigh product, the fresh look had been applied throughout the entire store, including special uniforms, menus, and digital touch-points. Customers had the chance to try and taste the new menu item, completely free of charge as part of any Extra Value Meal, including two chicken pieces, french fries, and a drink.

Frankie Fung, executive creative director at DDB Group Hong Kong explained the thinking behind the campaign, “We wanted to showcase how seriously McDonald’s is taking its new chicken offering, so creatively we felt this commitment was best shown by turning a restaurant famous for its burgers into a chicken-only restaurant”.

A dedicated online communications campaign ran during the restaurant takeover period with an overall launch campaign for the Crispy Thigh to follow. This will include extensive and integrated media, including outdoor, digital, print, and a TVC. Expanding the brand’s chicken offering, it follows the success of the McWings, of which approximately 60 million pieces are now sold annually.

The same day as the M Chicken event, news dropped that McDonald’s HK and HKBN were announced a long-term strategic partnership. HKBN will become the restaurant’s main information and communications technology (ICT) services provider for the next 10 years. This includes the provision of dedicated fibre connectivity and upgraded wi-fi service for the majority of McDonald’s restaurants across Hong Kong, as well as the support of McDonald’s Hong Kong’s various ICT needs for business growth.

 McDonald’s Hong Kong CEO Randy Lai said, “At McDonald’s Hong Kong, we are innovative and customer-obsessed. We strive to deliver next-generation dining experience to our customers and are pleased to have built a long-term strategic partnership with HKBN. Through this, we will have strong support from a trusted technology partner to our business development and digital transformation. We are also excited to further reach out to HKBN’s extensive customer base with our attractive offers.”

HKBN co-owner and CMO for residential services, Elinor Shiu

This partnership also ties nicely into the Crispy Thighs launch, as HKBN is promising a continuous stream of year-round offers on McDonald’s Hong Kong’s F&B items to its one million serviced households, starting with the new product. From 5 to 26 December, existing residential customers will be able to obtain a discounted voucher via the My HKBN App to purchase Crispy Thighs. Furthermore, McDonald’s customers who register to HKBN services through special representatives at designated McDonald’s restaurants will also receive a total of HK$600 McDonald’s Hong Kong coupons.

HKBN co-owner and executive vice-chairman William Yeung said, “This is a win-win partnership showcasing HKBN’s flexibility to provide end-to-end ICT solutions according to enterprise customers’ business needs while expanding their product reach to our residential customers. Looking ahead, we will continue to embrace more collaboration with different enterprises to bring more benefits for both residential and enterprise customers.”

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