McDonald’s HK launches phase two of Nicholas Tse’s collection

McDonald’s Hong Kong has been offering Nicholas Tse’s signature food since late October. To further delight customers, the restaurant has just added three extra items to the collection.

Inspired by the popular dish onion pork chop with rice, the latest product line-up includes a Chef Nic Crispy Pork Cutlet Burger with Onions. The collection also consists of a Chef Nic Pineapple Punch and Shake Shake Fries – Chef Nic Typhoon Shelter Crab Flavored.

McDonald’s Hong Kong has published a video on its official Facebook page to promote the phase two of the “McDonald’s X Chef Nic” The Signature Collection, demonstrating Tse’s cooking skills and sharing his memories of Hong Kong.

“After launching the first phase (of the collection) on 26 October, McDonald’s Hong Kong has sold more than one million Bolognese & Fried Egg Angus Burger,” said Randy Lai, CEO of McDonald’s Hong Kong.

Lai added: “We have been collaborating with Tse since May. We invited him to visit the food studio to curate the locally developed collection. The collection aims to showcase Tse’s personal side and what Hong Kong means to him – that’s why we join forces with Tse to launch ‘My taste of Hong Kong’. It’s been a real honour to work with him.”

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