MCCY hands DDB two major nation building assignments

Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) has appointed DDB Group Singapore as the creative agency for two out of its four major brand campaigns. The campaigns, according to a statement from DDB Group Singapore, will launch at the end of 2016, and continue through to 2017.

Along with media partner Havas Media, DDB will conceptualise, develop and implement campaigns to make Singapore a more cohesive and caring society, and invite Singaporeans to initiate ground-up community-building efforts. The first campaign, in particular, is the largest component of the highly-contested pitch.

“We are delighted to work with DDB in undertaking projects that amplify our Singapore spirit. It has demonstrated a keen understanding of our objectives. We look forward to partnering them to deliver campaigns that will resonate with Singaporeans”, said Tangie Kay, deputy director, marketing communications, resilience division, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth.

David Tang, CEO of DDB Group Singapore and Asia, said, “DDB Singapore is honoured and thrilled to be leading this charge. We know our nation has big challenges ahead, so this is a partnership for a better, brighter and more caring Singapore. This is an agenda we value very much both professionally and personally, and one we will do our best on.”

Neil Johnson, creative chairman of DDB Singapore, said, “This pitch involves five of our Singaporean creative teams, with some help from our foreign talent, but you can feel the patriotic fervour. We are always glad to be able to do something significant for this country we called home.”

Meanwhile, DDB Group Singapore has hired six new creatives in line with its business growth on Johnson & Johnson, Unilever and other key clients.  DDB in Singapore is also the regional hub for DDB Asia.

Most recently, Ogilvy & Mather Singapore (O&M) was also appointed as the creative agency to deliver two creative campaigns for MCCY in 2017, with Maxus Communications Singapore as media partner. In September it also appointed Ogilvy & Mather Singapore as its agency for the conceptualisation, development and implementation of an integrated digital communications plan.

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