Maxman.TV goes HD with Emagine

Maxman.TV has expanded its offerings following the partnership with the customised connected TV service by Select-TV Solutions (STV) called Emagine, to deliver high-definition (HD) entertainment.

Emagine is a platform designed to enable users to get the most out of their HD television sets by allowing them to watch YouTube, Vimeo and premium on-demand content on their HDTV in full screen.

Maxman.TV targets viewers who prefer to be entertained in the comfort of their living room by plugging on the Emagine box via HDMI to enjoy HD entertainment.

Ahmad Izmir (pictured right), chief executive officer of Maxman.TV, said, “This collaboration is another step forward in the right direction which we are confident will boost viewership of content, thus providing a win-win solution for and Emagine.”

For advertisers, this collaboration serves as an additional platform to reach audiences not just via mobile devices and web but also audience who watch traditional TV.

To address the limitation of non-HD online videos, Emagine will curate and select best HD videos from YouTube, Vimeo, among others, to ensure a HD experience.

The process to develop the interface for Maxman.TV, which focuses on delivering great experience for TV viewers to enjoy Maxman.TV content in a user-friendly browser, took three months to complete.

Maxman.TV will launch digital campaigns and contest, where it will award five fans with Maxman.TV branded Emagine boxes. At the same time, Emagine will also feature Maxman.TV in its product packages.

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