Maxis gets BIG with mobile advertising

Maxis launched its Best Integrated Go-To-Market (B.I.G.) Media, an engaging media platform that provides online and mobile marketing solutions for advertisers.

B.I.G. Media hopes to enable advertisers to better target consumers with content tailored to specific interests of consumers in a cost-effective manner, while allowing them to tap into Maxis’ customer base of 8 million active mobile internet users.

The advertising platforms under B.I.G. Media are permission-based SMS and MMS mobile advertising service called myDeals, discovery portal Mylaunchpad, location-based advertising, text alerts and mobile banners.

T. Kugan, head of product, device, innovation and roaming said global mobile advertising revenue is rapidly growing and Malaysia promises advertisers great potential in mobile marketing.

“Maxis B.I.G Media reinforces our positioning as the leading integrated communications service provider by offering a unique, interactive one-stop digital platform for advertisers,” added Kugan (pictured).

The platform hopes to provide rich and impactful advertising content to mobile phone customers, as information on demographics and mobile device models and locations is now able to be determined by the telco industry.

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