Maxis designs new concept store for the digital savvy customers

Maxis has unveiled a brand new concept store, transforming its current outlet at The Gardens Mid Valley into a destination targeted at the increasingly digital savvy customers. Infused with a new design language and cutting-edge technology, the brand hopes to create a personalised digital experience for consumers.

Maxis says, overall “the store offers highly engaging, relevant and rewarding interactions for customers”.   “With high tech digital screens, a customer service counter that looks more like a café with baristas, personal demos, robots and app-enabled self-services, customers can enjoy a fully immersive retail experience. Innovation is apparent throughout, with a modular design that is scalable and interchangeable, catering to the fast evolving needs of shoppers,” it said.

Maxis will also be regularly collaborating with brands to compliment the overall customer experience through tailor-made events and activities. This month, the store will feature a gaming zone by Razer, leader in high-performance gaming hardware, software and systems. Here are six cool features of the new Maxis concept store:

Maxis Interactive Retail Assistant (M.I.R.A.) – a web app that gives customers a peek into Maxis promos and customised offers. Customers need to scan a QR code on a digital screen to set off their journey

Discovery app for all demo devices – This app allows customers to compare devices, pricing, plans and accessories through voice-activated giant screens for a fully immersive experience

Fully immersive digital screens –  It has combined giant LED screen and 11 units of 98” screens and one of the features includes voice-recognition screens, which allows Maxis personnel to share comparisons of different devices available in the store.

Retail analytics – A tool that enables Maxis to better understand customers for more personalised engagement, including customer demographics and sentiment, customers’ time in-store, customer journey and zonal engagement.

RFID – Through this technology, wireless security enables customers can freely browse accessories of their choice, without having to worry about them being locked down by cables.

MPOS (Mobile Point-of-Sale) and wireless biometrics – This technology enables Maxis personnel to serve customers anywhere in the store.

“Our brand new concept store is an important part of our long term ambition, which is built around three key focus areas – our ability to cater to the evolving digital lifestyles of everyone, providing a differentiated and unmatched personalised experience, and evolving our culture towards higher levels of innovation and efficiency,” said Gokhan Ogut, Maxis’ chief executive officer.  He added that with relentless innovation and deep understanding of our customers’ needs and behaviours, this store not only sets benchmarks for the telco industry, but for the entire retail industry in Malaysia.

“This is a game changer, and we are proud to be building something valuable for all our customers. We are really excited to unlock the potential and possibilities of an Internet-enabled life, with a new experience that compliments the digitally-empowered customer,” said Ogut said.

Maxis added that the store also demonstrates new capabilities and offerings for Retail Enterprise customers, driven by Maxis’ focus on helping Malaysian retailers digitalise both their online and offline experience through its suite of e-commerce and digitally-driven physical retail solutions. This would enable retailers to deliver digitalised, personalised experiences to their own customers, ultimately staying competitive and being able to cater to the evolving business landscape.

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