Mannings predicts a hit with its fortune teller app for its Chinese New Year 2020 campaign

Mannings’ new campaign for Chinese New Year has put a modern twist on local traditions by launching a digital fortune teller.

The seasonal campaign by DDB Group Hong Kong includes a lot of the usual standards for any personal care brand’s holiday push. But on top of the expected online videos, digital promotions, and in-store materials proclaiming Mannings’ ability to cover all its shoppers’ health and beauty needs, the brand has mixed old school with current tech to produce something that’s distinctly Hong Kong.

Online video ad for Mannings CNY campaign

Yvonne Tang, marketing director for Mannings in Hong Kong, said “It is extremely exciting to be launching a campaign that creates more relevance for our brand during the CNY season. Mannings stores have always had a role in achieving the variety of health and beauty needs people have, for the many and varied social occasions during this time of year. With this campaign we hope to strengthen this role as a personal care partner for CNY.”

The digital fortune teller introduced for this year’s CNY  is able to answer the usual questions one would add a human one relating to one’s future in regards to work, family and love. The cheeky addition being that each response will suggest a promotion for a Mannings product relevant to the prediction.

Andreas Krasser, CEO of DDB Group Hong Kong, commented “This campaign is one that shows how a retail brand can elevate its promise using digital, activation and in-store communications in a meaningful way. We are thrilled to be working with Mannings, and looking forward to what we will achieve together in the future. ”

The campaign is set to run in Hong Kong and Macau throughout the rest of January. And though it can often be iffy to mix marketing with the mystical, this campaign seems to fall on the side of good taste with its subject matter. Hongkongers love fortune-tellers and though some treat it deathly serious, many enjoy it as a bit of fun. And frankly, it’s refreshing to see someone take a different yet thematically fitting spin on CNY.


Client: Mannings Hong Kong & Macau, The Dairy Farm Company Limited

Director, sales and marketing – Yvonne Tang

Head of branding, sales and marketing – Benny Ko

Digital marketing manager, sales and marketing – Gallie Ng

Senior marketing officer, sales and marketing – Yannie Wong

Senior marketing officer, sales and marketing – Mabel Tong

Senior marketing officer, sales and marketing – Gloria Li


Creative agency: DDB Group Hong Kong

CEO – Andreas Krasser

Managing director – Irene Tsui

Managing director and chief creative officer – Keith Ho, 

Executive creative director – Frankie Fung

Growth director – Noc Choi

Creative team – Christine Lai, Cola Chan, Kuchi Ku, Ruth Wong, Lim Leung

TV production – Annie Tong, Chau Kam Chuen

Account management team – Keefe Ho, Regen Lee, Janice Tung

Head of studio – B Ng

Visualizers & computer artists – Cheng King Kong, John Chan, Nelson Fung


Production house: Okla Production Limited

Director – Nathan Sham

Post-production house – The Farm Limited

Editor – Karen Lai


Music Composer – Joey Chu


Media agency: Omnicom Media Group Hong Kong

Business director – Eppie Tsang

Planning manager – Natalie Yu, 

Assistant digital manager – Mike Cheung

Media executive – Jennifer Lok

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