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Malaysia Airlines celebrates “Raya Around the World”

In celebrating Hari Raya, Malaysia Airlines launched a digital video commercial titled “Raya Around the World” featuring different cultures and how they celebrate the festival worldwide this year.

Conceptualised by M&C Saatchi Malaysia, the commercial brilliantly ties into the message about travelling, how it can make the world come closer and enrich one’s life. It also focuses on Malaysia Airlines’ key destinations, such as India, Japan and China.

According to the agency, all the talents in the video, including Captain Zakir Ibrahim and his wife, are real families and were chosen to keep the ad authentic. The ad is intended to highlight the true essence of Raya – of bringing people together ahead of the festive season.

The video has since garnered over two million views and 2000 likes on YouTube, at the time of writing. The campaign also includes an interactive website,, that allows users to experience Eid celebrations around the world.

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