MADex, February 2021

There are a plethora of events that focus on the practice and ever-changing function of the marketing discipline. But what about the individual lessons, experiences and out of the box ideas discovered along the way?

MADex aims to fill this void by serving as the conduit for collective wisdom and human experiences in the Marketing & Advertising world. Short and concise 20 minute speaking sessions are packed with the kind of knowledge and wisdom not readily offered at the usual conference scene. We’ll select the most interesting people with the most interesting stories to share heartfelt and substantive commentary on this crazy game we all love so much.

Join us. Listen to the interesting and probably lesser-known sides to the people you thought you knew so well. Uncover what makes them who they are now. Through their adventures (and misadventures) in life, their experiences in the school of hard knocks and what they learnt – get inspired by the precious and often humble valuable lessons of life from of these 8 prolific speakers.

Be part of the movement within the Marketing, Advertising and Design community – to remember to connect within ourselves and be the human source of inspiration to the people we work with everyday.

Authentic. Inspirational.