Lux Inc Media makes plans for regional expansion

Lux Inc Media, publisher of YACHTstyle magazine, plans an aggressive expansion across the region in conjunction with the launch of its new corporate website.

YACHTstyle, which was acquired by Lux Inc Media in April 2015, will move from a quarterly publication to a bimonthly publication starting in 2016 with the February/March issue; in line with Lux Inc Media’s other title, luxury property magazine PALACE, going bi-monthly starting from the January/February issue.

Both magazines will also be printed out of Singapore in addition to Hong Kong to allow for increased distribution and market proximity efficiencies.

Lux Inc Media is also actively exploring and signing new partnership opportunities across the region for both publications to help increase its distribution and presence in the region.

In addition to the increased visibility of the magazines, Lux Inc Media also launched its new corporate website, catering to visitors looking for a concise picture of Lux Inc Media’s platforms, events, affiliated partners and network.

“We continue to be encouraged by the positive response from the market since we announced the acquisition of YACHTstyle. This further reinforces our decision to take YACHTstyle to a bimonthly publication starting in 2016,” said Gael Burlot, CEO & publisher of Lux Inc Media.

“Asia is the most exciting region to be in right now for the luxury space and we continue to be focused on connecting our partners from across the globe with a highly discerning, affluent audience thanks to our print, events and digital platforms,” added Burlot.

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