Lufthansa taps WE China for CNY digital campaign

Lufthansa German Airlines has teamed up with WE China for a Chinese New Year digital campaign which allows consumers to create customised e-greeting cards on the airline’s official WeChat account.

Consumers can choose from two standard default versions or change the background of any of the six customisable templates to add their own background photos and words.

By redesigning the traditional look of Chinese paper cutting and leveraging a lively monkey in different poses, the campaign creative is untraditional, fun, and premium in design, which allows the consumer’s greeting card to stand out from others.

“WE created this campaign based on an unmet need. Consumers have to send many different Spring Festival greetings to family and friends, but it takes too much time and skill to make the greetings look impressive. People realise that the lazy way is to copy other people’s greetings and paste to resend, but they feel it’s insincere. We understand that it’s easier for people to take photos than write creative copy, so we leverage this in our campaign idea.” said WE marketing group’s managing director Kenny Wong.

“Lufthansa wants to help Chinese consumers celebrate this very special occasion and we know that China is the most mobile savvy market. So, we offer a high quality and simple to use tool for consumers to send a large variety of creative greetings with just a few simple taps on their mobile device.” Michael Knapp, Lufthansa’s senior manager of marketing and product said.