LTA warns Ryde over courier service, says it wasn’t consulted prior to launch

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has sent a warning to Ryde Technologies stating that its proposed courier service would violate rules set out by LTA. This comes shortly after Singapore’s homegrown mobility app rolled out on-demand private-hire car feature 10 weeks after launching the scheduled RydeX service in May. Most recently it said it would be delivering small items – such as documents, parcels, or even packed meals – within 60 minutes.

“Under our regulations, taxis and private-hire cars are meant to carry passengers for hire and reward, and cannot be used for the conveyance of goods. Ryde did not consult LTA prior to launching this service. Any new service will have to comply with LTA’s regulations,” the statement added.

“We have warned Ryde that its proposed RydeSend service would contravene the regulations prohibiting Public Service Vehicles such as taxis and private hire cars from conveying goods. Drivers accepting such jobs may have their vocational licences revoked,” it added.

Marketing has reached out to Ryde for a statement.

In a previous press release, Terence Zou, founder and CEO of Ryde Technologies said the company is a “complete ride-hailing app with a full suite of on-demand mobility services ready at a tap – carpool, pets, private-hire and taxis.”

Since the launch of RydeX, overall volume of transactions for all services on the app have increased five-fold. As a result, the on-demand service launch has been brought forward earlier than expected. Zou added, “We have arrived: we picked up from where Uber left off in double quick time. Technology helped us to onboard drivers quicker, match riders faster and ultimately deliver a better experience.”

Currently, Ryde claims, 80% of its active driver base are former Uber or LCR drivers.

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