LOOK What President Jokowi’s win looked like on Twitter

As Joko Widodo is appointed the seventh president of the republic of Indonesia, Twitter has been abuzz with citizen sentiment on their new leadership.

More than 95 million elections-related Tweets have been recorded since the start of the year to election day on 9 July, said Twitter.

According to the social network, Jokowi won the Twitter Election, too, being the  top elections topic on Twitter mentioned in over 22% of these Tweets.

The new president also has over 1.87 million followers at @jokowi_do2, an increase of 880,000 followers or 89% since the start of the year.

President Jokowi’s tweet on winning the election has also been retweeted over 15,000 times within the first 8 hours:

(Translation: Thank you God, thank you people of Indonesia. Forget No. 1, forget No. 2, let us put the nation first. We have a big task ahead of us.)

Here’s the list top 10 hottest Twitter Indonesia Trends related to the elections from July 9-22:

#tvonememangbeda (TV One really is different)

#KawalKPU (Protect the General Election Commission)

#presidenbaru (new President)

#7okowipresident (Jokowi for 7th President of Indonesia)

damai_untuknkri (The peace of homeland)

#prabowo4ri_jokowi4dki (Prabowo for President and Jokowi for Governor of Jakarta)

#rame2celup2jari (Let us vote and dip with 2 fingers)

#tanyajokowi (Ask Jokowi)

Mahfud MD (The chief of PrabowoSubianto-HattaRajasa’s election team admitted defeat)

sayapilihjokowi (I choose Jokowi)

Twitter’s data science team has also analysed the impact Indonesian Twitter users had on the election.

Below is a time-lapse heatmap of the campaign period and millions of elections-related Tweets for both Presidential candidates and parties in Indonesia from 1 June 1st to 9 July.

“This heatmap gives you a fair idea of the strong conversation and interest levels around JokoWidodo (@jokowi_do2) and the PDI (@PDI_Perjuangan) coalition versus PrabowoSubianto (@Prabowo08) and the Gerindra (@Gerindra) coalition, as well as which parts of Indonesia saw the most live, public conversations about them and when on Twitter,” said a note from Twitter.

In addition, during election day on July 9th, there were more Twitter conversations overall for Jokowi with over 1 million Tweets, peaking at 15h29 Jakarta time reaching 2,136 Tweets Per Minute (TPM), 50% higher than the conversations for Prabowo.

The Twitter Reverb chart below shows the Tweets mentioning #Jokowi on election day.

Click on the chart or link, then scroll over the bottom row of circles and click on any of them to see the spotlighted Tweet to give you a sample of the conversations on Twitter.



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